June 29, 2017

The NSA told Microsoft about EternalBlue hack used in WannaCry

20 May 2017, 12:54 | Candice Butler

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Shadow Brokers threaten to release even more NSA-sourced malware

These will include monthly data dumps starting in June.

There's also the possibility of even more unsafe Shadow Broker releases in the coming months.

The release included a Windows SMB [Server Message Block] exploit, EternalBlue, which was leveraged in the recent WannaCry global ransomware attack.

The cyber security community has been combing through the blog post and other indicators for the Shadow Broker's intentions.

It was claimed by anonymous insiders earlier this week that the spy agency had been forced to warn Microsoft of the EternalBlue Windows exploit it developed after it was stolen by Shadow Brokers.

"The ShadowBrokers is feeling like being very responsible party about Windows dump", Shadow Brokers wrote in the blog, in its usual weird dialect.

The shadowy hacking group claimed that Microsoft released its vulnerability patch in March while also alleging that the Equation Group was paying USA tech companies not to patch vulnerabilities.

The group went quiet for a while before resurfacing on 8 April with a new update which it said was in response to President Trump's order to bomb a Syrian airfield. The NSA supposedly realized what the Shadow Brokers had and told Microsoft.

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The ransomware Attack was because of the existing Windows XP systems throughout the world which had been announced unsupported by Microsoft after 2014.

The tools and software exploits have been made generally available to both cybercriminals and security-inclined hackers, including the researcher who helped to disrupt the ransomware's spread. The group said that the data would be locked behind a subscription fee, but, beyond that, they do not care who buys the data or for what goal it is used.

The Shadow Brokers' first dump of exploits in August sparked a robust discussion within the Obama administration.

Shadow Brokers directly attacks Microsoft exec Brad Smith, whose name was on the company's statement, calling him a "scumbag" and questioning his company's links to the NSA.

"It's being like wine of month club", said the blog post, which is written in broken English.

Although it is still unclear as to what operating systems would come under attack following the release of new malware, the reports had it that Microsoft Windows 10 would possibly be the target. What members doing with data after is up to members.

It's unknown if the Shadow Brokers actually have more NSA-linked Equation Group exploits to start selling off every month to members in its latest attempt to get the NSA to pay up make money. Regarding the type of exploits the Shadow Brokers is promising to deliver, the group says it will deliver exploits for web browsers, routers, handsets and more.

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