July 26, 2017

Girl badly burned by homemade slime (graphic photos)

29 March 2017, 01:57 | Sue Hudson

Doctors say the girl’s burns come from prolonged exposure to Borax one of the main ingredients in slime

Doctors say the girl’s burns come from prolonged exposure to Borax one of the main ingredients in slime

A little girl from MA got burned while making a popular kids' project.

Kathleen Quinn, of Rockland, said her hands began to feel really "hot and tingly" after she used Elmer's Glue, water and the household cleaner Borax to make the do-it-yourself slime at her kitchen table, CBS News reports.

The next day, a weeping Kathleen had ugly and painful blisters all over her fingers.

When her mother picked her up from the sleepover, she was crying in pain. Concerned, her parents took her to the hospital, where doctors said she'd received second and third-degree burns.

Quinn, who has missed a week of school due to her bandaged hands, is expected to make a full recovery.

The young girl's parents brought her to the hospital and she was treated for second- and third-degree burns.

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"It's not created to be a component for household projects like making slime", Consumer Reports Chief Scientific Officer James Dickerson tells PEOPLE. But last weekend, Kathleen says she woke up in the middle of the night in excruciating pain.

"I thought it was great", Siobhan Quinn told ABC 13.

"If you use it according to the recipe for these slime recipes, it actually would be okay, but you need a lot of supervision because if the child misinterprets teaspoon or tablespoon and gives too much, you can definitely see burns", Branch noted.

It is also one of the main ingredients in multiple recipes for homemade slime or "gak" found online.

There is a new warning for parents about a popular project for kids. While many use glue, baking soda, and food coloring, adding cleaners can cause a health risk if kids spend a long time holding - or worse, inhaling - them.

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