April 24, 2017

That 'The Walking Dead' Reveal About Jesus Is Our Savior

23 March 2017, 01:47 | Sue Hudson

The Walking Dead: Sonequa Martin-Green on What Comes Next for Sasha

Talk time The Walking Dead cast conversed with Los Angeles Times journalist Greg Braxton during Paleyfest LA who is seen introducing Christian Serratos in the

The answer: Not much. Enid rushes Daryl and Maggie into a root cellar to hide, where Maggie insists she and Daryl hide behind shelves and other things. Then Rosita arrives to talk to Sasha in a repeat of the scene that closed the episode two weeks ago, and we realize that we've just spent five minutes not only watching nothing happen, but watching nothing that already happened a while ago and is done with. "It signifies her love for him". As the Saviors prowl around the Hilltop while Simon collects the good doctor, Maggie and Daryl-whom the Saviors believe to be dead and long gone, respectively-are hiding in a dark room. Enid attempts to distract a Savior from searching it. It's that he didn't get the chance to go down swinging. She knew him even before Maggie came into the picture. They still have all of Dr. Carson's equipment including the ultrasound machine. He is there for Dr. Carson. He's not exactly eager to leave, especially not when he learns that his brother is dead.

These two women, each a lover of the late Abraham, have every reason to distrust and detest each other, a fact that they're repeatedly reminded of on their trip down from the Hilltop. He knows that she and Rosita are going after Negan. "He would know because he was one of the good things, too". Simon isn't quite so quick to murder.

Jesus goes in to see Gregory, who warns him that he has been slacking on his scavenging and recruiting duties. Daryl wants to kill him, but Maggie stops him. With Maggie and Daryl left alone, he apologizes for getting Glenn killed.

Sasha and Rosita plans to shoot Negan from afar go up in smoke when they can't get a clear shot so they decide to bust into The Sanctuary and go out in a blaze of glory. After all, Episode 14 of The Walking Dead concluded with Sasha inside the Sanctuary.

Rosita made the brake light necklace when they were still together. Despite having a common goal, they're still not exactly friends. It was so contrived I was actually confused and wondered if Eugene has somehow spotted them and was trying to send them a message. The two seem hellbent on a suicide mission where the suicide seems completely unnecessary.

Nevertheless, they take up a position in the building Sasha recommended in order to scope out the situation before making a move. Will the Saviors discover them?

For a while, there's no sign of Negan, so the girls get to talking about old boyfriends and about Abraham. He refuses to go with them, and goes back inside, crying.

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At the Saviors' compound, Eugene is showing a guard around when Sasha drops the guy with a silenced firearm.

That night, the girls sneak up to an undefended part of the Sanctuary fence that Eugene said he was going to come out to secure. He hems and haws for a moment, then refuses their help and runs back inside. She tells Rosita that she's too important and Alexandria needs her.

Which brings me to how Eugene would kill Sasha.

Sasha's choice really boils down to her knowing that Rosita is hell-bent to get into that compound.

From the look on Sasha's face, Maggie's line appears to make her think about how she loved Abraham (Michael Cudlitz). However, let's not forget that Dwight also carries a crossbow these days. "And maybe it's a curse nowadays, but I don't think so".

What would you consider to be an "incredibly satisfying" end to "The Walking Dead" Season 7?

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