July 26, 2017

Mass Effect Andromeda Drivers from AMD and NVIDIA Available Now

22 March 2017, 12:46 | Muriel Sparks

Mass Effect Andromeda Drivers from AMD and NVIDIA Available Now

Mass Effect Andromeda Drivers from AMD and NVIDIA Available Now

If you are planning on grabbing Mass Effect Andromeda this week, then you will want to upgrade to the GeForce Game Ready 378/92 driver, which also contains some optimisations for Rock Band VR, which is coming to the Oculus Rift in a few days. If you hold visual presentation above all else, then Mass Effect: Andromeda will indeed disappoint. I want to see freaky technology and architecture on a scale that isn't human, and "discover" it with human eyes.

By this point in Andromeda I have dozens of subquests, several operational colonies, and a giant crew that I'm still trying to work out. Inside the pack, you'll find a few weapons, consumables, and power ups you can use to get off your feet for free - so don't miss them for the sake of saving yourself five minutes of playtime. "But what Andromeda succeeds at, it does very well - maybe as well as the series has ever done".

The scanner will detail the cause of death, and help you investigate further to complete the quest. Multiplayer doesn't involve you exploring the worlds of Andromeda with your team. There's a glow-in-the-dark purple jungle planet, a blue-white ice planet, a scorching desert one, and so forth.

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The high-res textures for Andromeda look great. Each character also represents a special overall skill, which carries over to all characters once you build up enough experience. The Copper and Platinum are toughest to find, but many explorable planets will have one or the other.

Andromeda also has many environments to offer. It's absurdly similar to Inquisition, just for spacesuits instead of suspiciously tight leather. Back in 2012, the developer was caught in the middle of the controversy surrounding Jennifer Hepler, who served as a writer for Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II and Star Wars: The Old Republic. I respect that for some the original Mass Effect trilogy is a classic, but it never fired my imagination - I always thought Shepherd was a bit of a cold fish, never liked the combat until the sequel, and found its overarching plotline a rather monotonously grim affair. It's a story where a literal galaxy is on the line, so turning the dialogue up to the proverbial eleven didn't jarr to me. Voice actors did an awesome job to portray that. On a space port full of thieves and murderers - a wretched hive of scum and villainy - you run into what is basically a version of Han Solo.

Mass Effect Andromeda has received some controversy over its facial animations and character models, especially the default Female Ryder and her equivalent male sibling, who feature pre-defined presets for character creation in the game.

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