June 29, 2017

Iron Fist's Showrunner Didn't Hear About Its Controversy Until Casting Finished

18 March 2017, 01:30 | Sue Hudson

Iron Fist's Showrunner Didn't Hear About Its Controversy Until Casting Finished

Just as Davos warned, with the Iron Fist in America, the way to K'un L'un was open - and nobody stood in the Heavenly City's defence.

We start with Danny Rand, played in the show by Finn Jones.

There's nothing quite so frustrating as watching a movie on a plane and all the best scenes are cut out with nothing you can do about it.

She has more than a nurse-patient relationship with Matt Murdoch's blind vigilante (Charlie Cox) who became romantically involved having saved one another on more than one occasion.

That gives "Iron Fist" audiences a good hint about where they'll see Claire again. The Iron Fist is a living weapon, just as in the comics; but crucially, he's a weapon forged to be used against the Hand. An online campaign was in full-force before Iron Fist began production which asked the studios to hire an Asian-American actor to play Danny Rand.

"It's enough to make you wish they made him the showrunner".

And given how much overlap there is between comics culture and the fighting-game community, seeing the two do battle with, say, Iron Fist facing Ryu is an easy way to promote a show about Iron Fist fighting evil ninjas.

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The new Marvel superhero show "Iron Fist" is kicking its way onto Netflix. I am not one of the privileged who got to watch it in advance, so I'm going to be checking out for myself when the show debuts tomorrow. Aimless and boring, Iron Fist would be bad television even without its unseemly racial missteps.

However, there are other parts of Danny's story that seem too unbelievable to be real; ever since "the Incident" (a.k.a. the Battle of NY in The Avengers), there are all sorts of people popping out of the woodwork and claiming to have superpowers. The sole twist to this classic origin is that Danny's childhood friends and current heads of Rand Corporation: Ward and Joy Meachum, do not believe that this mysterious man could be who he says he is. In a twist that risks unfavorable comparison to FX's innovative new comic book adaptation Legion, the second episode of Iron Fist finds Danny in a psychiatric institution, probing the blurred line between superpowers and psychiatric illness. But they haven't. If anything, Iron Fist is a regression, not building off the mild promise of Luke Cage, instead slapping something together that's as ill-considered-or maybe not considered at all-as we've yet seen from Netflix.

As a rule, Netflix dramas aren't tremendously respectful of your time. Madame Gao (Wai Ching Ho), who also stars in "Daredevil", continues to show that she has the power to take down a hero in front of her with one hand, but always chooses to observe before striking.

In Iron Fist, she can best be described as a sexy assassin. Fans of other shows will then be delighted to explore the mythology of the universe a little more, besides the series still offer a new and original point of view of the characters in comparison with the comics. (Fanboys love their super-suits.) But if the uniform does make an appearance at the end, just like "Daredevil" did with Charlie Cox's horned/red suit reveal in the first-season finale, it could provide some much-needed positive chi for "Iron Fist". Following after the likes of Daredevil and Jessica Jones, Iron Fist has a name to live up to as Netflix's previous Marvel projects have earned rave reviews.

Click through to meet Jones' co-stars and the other characters of Iron First.

We finally get to see our first glimpse of the Iron Fist!

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