April 26, 2017

DeVos: Fight 'establishment' on college campuses

25 February 2017, 12:33 | Clarence Schmidt

Betsy DeVos—of all people—is fighting Donald Trump to protect transgender students

Report: DeVos Wanted to Keep Trans School Protections, Was Overruled By Sessions and Trump

Sessions failed in pushing DeVos to relent, so he reportedly took the matter to the president, who sided with his attorney general, telling DeVos Tuesday that he wanted her to drop her opposition. It was unclear which way Trump would lean on this hot button issue, but ultimately he made a decision to side with the more conservative members of his party by ruling to rescind the protections in place for transgender students on Wednesday evening. Detroit Free Press wrote: "DeVos isn't an educator, or an education leader", She's not an expert in pedagogy or curriculum or school governance.

DeVos is Trump's personal choice to handle the United States education portfolio and she was finally confirmed by the Senate early this month after an unprecedented tie happened on the Senate floor on the confirmation hearing of her appointment. In 1980, Congress established the Department of Education as a cabinet-level agency because it understood that education is an investment in human capital.

Weingarten was among her harshest foes. DeVos has zero teaching experience, let alone an education degree, and has a strong preference towards for-profit/charter schools. "Of course it's going to hurt the existing school system".

"I want to return power to education back where to belongs: to parents, communities and state", she told a supportive audience.

"'If public schools are not at the level (the government) thinks we should be, we should privatize them' - this is wrong", said Tyrone Howard, professor of education at UCLA. She also asked for additional language to put in the letter that affirmed students would still be protected and the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights would investigate issues.

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Previously, DeVos released a statement that focused on protecting all students, including LGBTs. This is unsettling to female college students in particular, who are a part of the 69 percent of all college students that receive federal loans to pay for tuition every year.

"I have never believed in that", Ms DeVos said during her confirmation testimony. Jerry Falwell Jr gave Trump his backing early in the campaign and stood by him during the various controversies that caused other Christian leaders to reconsider their support. She has also pledged to implement the laws as Congress intended them. Yet, she is listed on tax forms for the foundation, and just recently filed paperwork for her name to be removed from the forms after this speculation.

Betsy DeVos is qualified as well as prepared to become an outstanding secretary of education, something that has been sorely missed for the past eight years under President Barack Obama.

For those parents who dream of a strong private school environment for their children but can't afford it, a charter school may be the answer; school pride and spirit is the same whether at a public, charter or private school. Acts of student defiance such as this protest have been seen nation-wide since DeVos was elected last week. Despite her position, DeVos has nearly nil experience in the field of public education.

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