July 26, 2017

US Deports Undocumented Woman in US for 21 Years

11 February 2017, 12:46 | Clarence Schmidt

US Deports Undocumented Woman in US for 21 Years

US Deports Undocumented Woman in US for 21 Years

Garcia reported for a regular check-in with Immigration Customs Enforcement Wednesday morning, but never came out.

He added saying, "Getting back to the USA, legally, there's really no route for her".

Reyes said his family's "nightmare" began in 2008 when his wife was arrested during a workplace raid ordered by then Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio at a water park in Mesa.

Garcia de Rayos, 36, had pleaded guilty in 2009 to using forged documents to get a job and was issued with a deportation order in 2013.

While the Phoenix Police Department noted that the protests remained mostly peaceful, seven individuals were ultimately arrested for "engaging in criminal actions" and "refusing to stop", despite law enforcement's "repeated warnings".

The demonstrators were anxious that the mother-of-two would be deported and made a decision to block the customs van in Arizona.

Both of her children are USA -born citizens.

However, President Trump's executive order last month expanded those priorities to include undocumented immigrants who have committed "any criminal offense".

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Carlos Garcia, director of immigration rights group Puente Arizona, said "ICE had done what President Trump wanted - which is deport and separate our families".

On Wednesday night, Rayos was seen detained inside a van that could take her to a detention center or back to Mexico, but protesters gathered to block it from departing.

An undocumented mother of two American-born children who was deported to her native Mexico has become the focus of a national debate over the Trump administration's crackdown on illegal immigration. Since she didn't meet these criteria, she was seemingly spared - even though a judge issued a deportation order against her in 2013. Yet one way Trump could get around this reality is by expanding the definition of a criminal offense, which is exactly what he did in his executive order.

Under the Obama administration, only undocumented immigrants convicted of a felony, serious misdemeanor or multiple misdemeanors were considered priorities for deportation.

"The case involving Mrs. Garcia de Rayos illustrates a new reality for the Mexican community living in the United States, facing the most severe implementation of immigration control measures", Mexico's Foreign Ministry said in a statement Friday. ICE said, in a statement, that they coordinated her deportation with Mexican consular representatives.

"I'd ask him 'why he would want to take her from me?' She hasn't done anything wrong and I'm not scared of him", said Garcia's daughter Jaqueline, of what she would ask President Trump if she could.

Garcia de Rayos' lawyer, Ray Ybarra Maldonado, said Arizona's identity theft laws are the reason his client was put on the radar of immigration authorities. Among the protesters were the woman's husband and children. The raids themselves are not new, but advocates say there are sign that are are being carried out on a larger scale.

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