March 29, 2017

Mike Pence Recognized Black History Month By Honoring A White Man

03 February 2017, 12:51 | Sue Hudson

Trump Hijacks Black History Month Event With Unhinged Rants About Fake News And The Media


Anyways, Dennis Rodman, we've kept in touch because, of course, I had him on "The Apprentice" a few times. We're gonna make it safe; we're gonna make it much better than it is right now. "At least 51", he said.

Trump marked the beginning of Black History Month by gathering his African American advisers and supporters at the White House for a hearing.

Trump said the contributions African Americans have made are an integral part of society. Quickly, Trump referred to the rumor that he had the Martin Luther King statue removed from his office, calling it "fake news", and then comparing the statue to other "good ones", such as Lincoln's and Jefferson's.

"Fox has treated me very nice", he later noted. "Wherever Fox is, thank you", stated the President of the United States.

The media has been mocking President Donald Trump for referring to Frederick Douglass in the present tense while celebrating the abolitionist's accomplishments during a meeting for Black History Month on Wednesday.

"Hey, she can do it, the Great 8 can do it, so can I", said Syracuse University student Miracle Rogers, who has no relation to Juhanna.

The way he couched his remarks made people wonder: Does Trump know who Frederick Douglass is, and does he know that he's dead? He thanked Dennard for doing "an wonderful job in a very hostile CNN community", though he went on to admit that he does not watch the cable news network. He's all by himself.

Vanity Fair Mexico hails Melania as 'the new Jackie Kennedy'
Inside the magazine, another article titled " The Misfortune of being Barron Trump " focuses on the president's youngest son.

"Some of them are just ordinary people and others you'll recognize and are a little more significant", Speir said.

Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., you know, he's someone we celebrated last month.

In his next breath, he moved on: "We're going to need better schools, and we need 'em soon". Ben is gonna be doing that, big league.

There was no acknowledgement of the Black Lives Matter movement, or any of the current or historical turmoil between black communities and the police.

The new name of African American History Month for February is one that is said to be mindful and respectful to that new addition. More of what, exactly, remains unclear. The President went on about what a "nice person" she is, even though he anxious that the revelation that she wasn't a ruthless (or successful) businessperson after all might "destroy her reputation".

Because, really, where would America be without Omarosa?

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