June 25, 2017

Tesla Just Rolled Out its Autopilot Update to All HW2 Cars

26 January 2017, 12:43 | Candice Butler

At long last - Tesla's Enhanced Autopilot update is finally active, that is, if you have self-driving capability in your auto. Tesla considers the entire suite of safety and driver assist features to be the Autopilot Safety Features, though the Autosteer and traffic-aware cruise control features are what most people consider to be "Autopilot".

The new Autopilot, which has been fitted to Model S and Model X cars leaving the assembly line since October 2016 is now being switched on via a software update but only allows Teslas to steer themselves on multi-lane roads at up to 45mph.

Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk strongly urges caution to current Tesla owners, suggesting they bring their auto to a Tesla technician to modify camera angles to make better use of the new software.

Older-model cars will not be equipped with the latest sensors or hardware, and this is worrying some Tesla owners who are seeking upgrades to their vehicles. Thus once the Tesla owners start using the self-driving capabilities in the future, they will be able to witness significant changes between the two features. By investing in seriously upgraded sensors, software, and hardware, Tesla has said, forget the highway, forget needing humans in the loop. The missing features, it seems, will show up - eventually.

France's Safran launches US$9b offer for Zodiac Aerospace
The pending merger will now be subject to approval from regulatory agencies, and is expected to be finalized by early 2018. The companies said a subsequent merger between Safran and Zodiac would boost earnings per share from year one.

After the government agency opened the investigation, Tesla issued a software update, which included an alarm that goes off when drivers removed their hands from the steering wheel during Autopilot driving; failure to put their hands back on the wheel results in the vehicle shutting down altogether. Like an iPhone, Tesla will continually improve and update.

For reference, below is a list of safety features now available on Tesla cars with HW2/AP2 (built after October 2016), as well as features now available only older Teslas equipped with HW1/AP1 (built between September 2014 and October 2016). Forward Collision Warning will alert drivers of a potential impact with an upcoming obstacle, but there is no emergency braking to actually stop the auto, so the onus is on the driver. The vehicles are programmed to alert drivers if an adjustment is necessary.

Automatic high beam headlights: Turns the high beams on and off automatically. Now, they can steer themselves at speeds up to 45 miles per hour.

Auto lane change: An Autosteer feature where the vehicle can change lanes on its own when the driver activates the turn signal on a multi-lane road.

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